Tuesday, February 09, 2010


* It's Tuesday, I can't think of a better reason to have a tidbits. So here we go.

* Mixed news, Kim now has her electric back and is back up and operational. Pam on the other hand still does not have power as of yet. Hopefully it will be restored some time soon before the next series of storms hits.

* Speaking of the next series of storms, look outside because it may be hitting about the time you are reading this. School has already been canceled for tomorrow and the roads are horrendous. Michelle said the Mileground is really bad, now we are going to get it again.

* Amy now has the internet at home. Be it that it is dial up, but she does in fact have it and can browse with something other than her phone.

* Short day for me yesterday, at noon time I was actually taking notes in one meeting while I was teleconferencing into another meeting and taking notes for it. I think I did a good job and got all the major points and actions.

* My Roku device should be here sometime this week. I saw an ad at the Superbowl of a TV that does everything this thing does, that however is the first time I've seen a TV do it.

* Have a good day, if you don't need to be anywhere then stay home, roads are already bad and I say that before we get hit again.

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