Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Mild Weekend

We have been quite fortunate this weekend so far when it comes to the weather. The past few weeks have been filled with sub freezing temperatures and more snow that I would care to see. Yesterday however the temps pushed the upper 30's and allowed for a little bit of the snow to be returned to the form it should be.....water.

Hopefully today we are going to see a little bit of the same as temps should get in the 40's today through at least Wed. Maybe that can melt the majority of this snow and melt it slow enough that flooding won;t be much of an issue.

We have snakes here at the household again. Chad brought his and Leah's snakes over ans we now have 2 Pythons, a Boa and a corn snake. That and two cats, something tells me mice don;t want to stop by and pay a visit for very long.

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