Saturday, July 11, 2009

A plan of doing doing some Geocaching Today

I think Michelle and I are going to possibly head south today to partake in a little bit of Geocaching probably South of Morgantown today. It's been a while since I have done any and I need to do a few of them. I am suffering from GDS (Geocaching Deficiency Syndrome). Hey, maybe I should copyright that phrase...LOL

I think we are at a go for next weekend and the Pittsburgh Zoo. Michelle and I will be going up Saturday for her Nephew's Graduation Party and will probably stay overnight in Pittsburgh and then head to the Zoo to meet up with anyone who wants to go. Pam, George and Calvin are also planning on going and I know some others have expressed interest in going. Call me or Michelle this week and let us know you are wanting to go.

A Special Thank You to my sister Pam for going out of her way to bring Michelle some cabbage Rolls. It was a pleasant surprise when she woke up.

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