Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Midweek Tidbits

* I am sitting here trying to think about what to write and I am drawing a blank. Late night softball game and a short night of sleep causes the brain to not work as well in the early AM.

* Michelle is targeting a date of July 19th to take a trip to the zoo. We will be in Pittsburgh the night before to go to her Nephew's HS graduation and we are contemplating heading to the zoo the next day.

* I guess I am being called a fuddy duddy in a conversation between Michelle and Jane. Sheesh, I even plead the fifth and I get no love....LOL

* I wonder if there will be a Michael Jackson Funeral II, the return considering how popular this one has been.

* Moke is leaving today, not supposed to say where he is going other than he is leaving.

* I knew it, the new iPhone 3GS was just released and Kim had to have it. Why is that one bit of a surprise. Wait till she realizes we will get 4G before we get 3 G here in Morgantown.

* Ho Ho Hi Ho....I'm tired and off to work I go.

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