Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy 4th of July

After a great start to a 4th of July weekend last night with some karaoke at MiHaley's with the softball team celebrating Lisa Barnes's birthday, it is on to today and the annual Rosiak 4th of July Pic Nic at Trish's Mom and Dad's. I counted up how many of these that I have been to, and this I think will be my twelfth one in a row that I have attended.

I have my giant Super Soaker that I bought for my first one ready to go again for the annual water battle. If you have never seen one of these water battles I will just say they are merciless. If there is a dry spot on you anywhere, you're getting not only wet, but drenched and drenched again just to make sure there are no dry spots. You can run, and you can try to hide, but this tactic is usually not very successful as everyone targets you.

Later tonight we may attend the fireworks, at either Cheat Lake or downtown we are not sure yet. I'll bring my camera as I try to do every year so as I can add to the album.

Have a great and Happy 4th of July.

Pay attention to your news today, there may be a large fireworks explosion over the pacific today if the little sawed off North Korean runt is as stupid as expected.

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