Sunday, March 22, 2009

We bought a new TV

Yesterday Kim and Robert with a little help from their close friend Ron brought me the entertainment center that Kim has been wanting to get rid of. It's a beautiful one and very much appreciated. Last night as we were moving things around, the back end of the 25" TV we had in the living room came out and pretty much ruined that TV as it broke the solder off of the board inside the TV to where it connects the cable.

So, we headed out and decided to get a new TV. We decided on a 37" High Definition Vizio and thought it would fit nicely into our newly given entertainment center and as you can see it does. I will now need to go to Comcast and get the HD service to go along with it.

The Wii, the VCR and all the movies that we had scattered all over the place fit into it quite nicely as the rest of the movies are in their own little container.

It is going to make for some very nice family TV viewing. We now have a TV and entertainment center that is not just overshadowed by the large family room. It makes it kind of nice that as I am typing this I have a fire going in the fireplace and the TV is on sportscenter.

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