Friday, November 14, 2008

Big Ole Hairy Friday

yes it is once again that time of the week when we cease our labors for the week and take time out to enjoy the fruits of our labors, it is once again another Big Ole Hairy Friday and the start of yet another weekend!!!

No plans are set in stone for us this weekend, but there are numerous sporting events around the city of Morgantown over the weekend. High school football and WVU Basketball are obviously the bigger stories of the days.

Is it softball season yet? We're not even out of the fall and I am dreading the winter months ahead and already looking forward to the spring. I was looking through my pictures this morning and realized we could be watching WVU play baseball at home in only four months.

Anyone else notice that they are pushing the Christmas shopping season at us a little early this year?

Have a great weekend.

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