Saturday, October 18, 2008

Start of the day

I've had a good start to the day so far, I got up around 4:30 and surfed the net for a while and checked my e-mail. I see both Morgantown and University High won their games last night.

About 6:00 Michelle got up as I was watching a youtube video and we crawled back into bed and I said those magic words..."You know what I want to do"? Of course you dirty minded individuals need to get your minds out of the gutters as I was referring to her and I hitting rails to trails for a nice brisk walk this morning.

We started out at Marilla Park and walked the trails to where Listravia Avenue crosses the creek (Behind Sheetz in Sabraton) and back again. I can say we both feel great and are ready for the days adventures. Michelle is making me Turkey Bacon and an Egg White Omelet with green peppers, onions and mushrooms for breakfast. Yuuuummm.

Today we will venture north in search of a geocache or two on our way to Burgettstown to watch her nephew continue his tract to the NFL Hall of Fame and watch him play. He's only 7 or 8, but he's got a good start. I think He'll be a Steeler before it's all over with.

Have a great day, I will.

I'm going to watch You don't mess with the Zohan this morning, I fell asleep last night watching it.

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