Sunday, July 08, 2007

WOW, what a display

I've seen some nice 4th of July fireworks displays, and I was really impressed with what the City of Morgantown did with their display this year. It was probably one of the nicest ones I've seen done in Morgantown.

Last night, a few of us has all invested some money and were going to let off our own private fireworks display. I think I honestly have to say that I think we topped Morgantown's fireworks display.

I think there was six or seven of us constantly lighting them off from a top of a big farm hill to keep the sky continuously lit up with a multitude of bright colors and unique noises for about an hour and a half from the time that we started. It was a great time an a load of fun, I am definitely in next year because this is just a little too much fun to pass up on.

You would think a 90 minute fireworks display would be simple, but I think we spent almost that amount of time prepping the fireworks earlier in the evening and we literally used two pickup trucks to clean up all the discarded tubes and other things once we were done.

However in between us prepping the fireworks and us having a lot of fun letting them off, we had a big cookout that was BYOB and bring a covered dish. I really liked Ron's set up and he has an awesome home made fireplace in his driveway. He was a very gracious host and a great guy to be around, it's not too hard to see why Kim and Robert spend so much time with him, his daughter and their Great Dane Ruger.

After dinner Kim took me up to their camp sight. It was the first time I really had a chance to take my Rodeo off road and it was made for this kind of a trip. I had to put it in 4 Wheel Drive Low and drop the 4 speed automatic transmission down into first gear to maneuver our way out to their very majestic view camp sight.

It was a good evening and I'm looking forward to Fireworks 2008.

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