Tuesday, July 24, 2007


OK, One day down and we're on to day two of the week. I did manage to run over the the WVUH POC and get my blood tests done. I have a DR's appointment on Monday and I needed to get a three month A1C test done this morning so we can see first hand whaty my profress has been since I tackled diabetes head on. We'll see next week how much progress I have actually made.

We played softball last night if that is what you call it. I had a solid game, however as a team we were well....horrible. We have went from a playoff team to a team that doesn't understand the basic fundamentals of the game. It's all mental right now, we'll break out of it but it may not be this season.

Val has moved Josh's birthday from this Sunday to next week. She messaged me yesterday when I was in the middle of setting a program up to run, so the date slips my mind at this time.

Enjoy the weather.

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