Friday, July 20, 2007

The squirrels have fans

Would you believe I received an e-mail from Tampa Florida last night asking me how my buddies the squirrels were doing. There are five that join me on a daily basis, four of which being brown squirrels and one being a gray squirrel. They send their regards.

Included with the squirrels are an assortment of blue jays, cardinals, a woodpecker and at least three chipmunks by last count. They come and visit me each and every day and enjoy the gourmet feast that I set out for them on a daily basis.

Actually once when the food ran out under the three one of my squirrel buddies came to the door and asked if there was anymore food for him and his family to eat. I quickly obliged and set out a couple more cups of squirrel food for him and his friends to feast on.

It is quite amazing that they have a fan club. Their name is skip and their e-mail address is and their is Skip if anyone would like to talk to them.

I'm thinking about sending Skip a corresponding e-mail later today and am considering CC'ing their original e-mail to the friend that they claim decided to mention.

Thanks for reading Skip.

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