Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pirates Game

Yesterday, I went to my second Pirates Game that I had ever been to. The first and last game I had ever attended was way back in 1982 at Willie Stargell's (the statue) last game as a player.

I have had tickets and had plans to go to games numerous times, I've just never managed to be able to make it to a game until yesterday. It was a great day where Chris, Chewy, Phil and myself started the journey to Pittsburgh yesterday at about 4:00 and culminated with our return last night around 11:00.

It was a great game and the Pirates played a decent game and managed to walk away with a 4-1 victory over possible future Hall of Famer David Well's. Before the game started we all managed to find a Primanti Brothers at PNC park and enjoyed in my opinion the best sandwich in the world.

On a side note I have my final diabetes education class today, so I have just decided to take the whole day off rather than just a few hours.

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