Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hump Day

Alright, we're on the back part of the work week now and heading into another fun filled weekend.

* Last night the girls and I went to Amy's Nephew T-Ball game and watched him start his tract to Cooperstown. I can now say I was when his future baseball Hall of Fame career was started.

* We purchased Josie a Beta last night and a beta tank. Her fish is now named Eugene and Eugene is the Attack Guard fish who oversees all that goes in in both the living room and the kitchen.

* I had a good day yesterday on rails to trails. The sun was shining and warm and my iPod was jamming and I walked about 3.7 miles yesterday. I went a little early so we could make the T-Ball game last night, plus Kelly was feeling a little under the weather.

* Just a reminder, this coming Sunday is Mother's Day.

* Thew next weekend is when we have one our scheduled paintball games. $25.00 will cover your rental equipment, field rental fees and 500 Free paintballs. Plan on shooting roughly 1,500 if you are planning on playing all day. If you want to play, team up with someone and split the cost of an additional case of paintballs and you should be set of for the day.

Directions to the field

Directions to the Field:

From Morgantown:

-Follow I-68 to exit 10 (Cheat Lake)
-Turn left off of the highway onto Rt. 857.
-Follow Rt. 857 approximately 5.5 miles into Pennsylvania.
-Turn left onto Gans Rd. towards Rt. 43 immediately after the Laural Aggregate Plant and Niosh.
-Cross over Rt. 43 and make an immediate left onto Bunker Hill Road.
-Follow 1.5 miles and turn left on Jordans Harbour Road.
-Follow it to the end, then proceed through the gate, and you will be at the park.

When you turn off Rt. 857, follow the signs.

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