Thursday, May 31, 2007

I Graduated Diabetes Education

Woo Hoo, I finally finshed my Diabetes Education class yesterday. The class is a four part series that educates you on diabetes, designs a diet and works on getting your diabetes under control.

At the end yesterday we had to take a reading to see if we were within target. Once again <130 for a fasting reading and <160 two hours after a meal. I read mine like three hours after lunch and it read 109. A big change from the 350's numbers I was getting in February.

Amy is off today, she has to go and pick up a mouth piece from her dentist and then will do a little running around with her grandparents.

Last night we went shopping for dinner tonight, and we have salmon on the agenda for tonight, I'm thinking we are going to cook it on the grill. We purchased some cedar planks last night to cook it.

Moke has been wanting to play more paintball. He has a team put together and wants to start playing more. I sent an e-mail to Sean and Danny at MVP Paintball, maybe they can give him some advice or a hand forming a team.

...One more day!!!!!

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