Saturday, May 19, 2007

Pictures uploaded

Last Night Amy, Josie and I stopped over at Mom's and Mom asked me a question about the pictures from the Pic Nic. So this morning I decided to update the newer album with pictures from this weekend plus a few pictures. I created a new album for my girls.

It was nice to see my Uncle Robert at my Mom's yesterday, he and his new girlfriend (sorry name slips me right now) were there enjoying pizza and a little conversation.

Last night, I took the girls to CiCi's Pizza, I don't know which one of the three of us enjoy it more. I told Amy that I would grab the tray of fresh cinnamon rolls and told her to grab the tray of fresh cheese bread sticks and we'll make a mad dash for the door. We didn't do it ;(

Not sure what today has in store, but I think I'll be in the company of a couple special girls.

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