Saturday, August 06, 2011

Wedding Day

I'm sure there are a lot of people out there possibly reading this that wondered if they would ever see this day, heck at age 47 1/2 I was even wondering sometimes if I would ever see a day that I was going to get married. However with a lot of help and encouragement from friends and family on both sides, we have somehow managed to get to this day. This is the day I have been waiting my entire life for, the day I finally cross over from my long time bachelorhood to marital bliss with the woman I love and by the time I write my next BLOG my wife Michelle.

Yesterday evening we went into the Marilla Center and with the help of some very special people we were able transform the place into a place that Mr and Mrs George and Michelle Hall can spend a fun day with many special people our lives. I know Michelle has family that have traveled from as far as South Carolina and East Liverpool, Ohio and that her family and my family will share a special fellowship with us on this day, our day that we enter Marital bliss.

I think the question people may be wondering about me is am I nervous, the answer is not yet, but I have about 9 hours from the time I am writing this to get to the nervous or butterfly stage.

I want to thank everyone who have so selflessly helped us get even start to pull this wedding off and help make it a reality. Michelle and I appreciate anyone who has helped with the planning, to the bridal shower, to the cooking and setting up and for the assistance we will need to clean it up tonight, the baking the the running around and just the many things that people did to help us live our dream. A big heart felt Thank You from both of us, without you our stress levels would have been much higher.

Casual dress today, festive party to follow. Bring your grass skirts, your Hawaiiam shirts, put on your sandals and shorts and lets get everyone lei'd and have a great day.

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