Sunday, December 31, 2006

Good Bye 2006

At the end of each year it is nice to be able to reflect back on the previous 365 days of your life and remember the events and the things that made up your year and how everything seemed to have worked out.

I have been a blogger now for two and a half years and this will complete the second full calendar year of being a blogger. I hope you enjoy my reflections based on my BLOG as much as I have writing them.


* The year started out with a great 39-35 Sugar Bowl win by WVU over Georgia. It was a great time to be a Mountaineer and probably the programs finest hour.

* I had made a decision in January to re-market myself in 2006, it turned out pretty well for me.

* Nick and Terri officially opened their second bar when they opened Nick and Terri's.


* The damn groundhog was once again not cooperative with me and the rat saw his shadow. Maybe I will try a different approach in 2007.

* The Pittsburgh Steelers win Super Bowl XXXX making me one happy fan.

* Morgantown lost funny man Don Knotts when he passed away in February. Best known for his role as Barney Fife on the Andy Griffith show, Knotts was a 1942 Graduate of Morgantown High School.


* ESRI had contacted me about being a GIS instructor. They are the inventors and innovators in my field and this was a huge compliment even though I never followed through on it.

* Jean went to Huntington to pick up Gussey, her pet African Grey with the huge vocabulary.


* My softball team got together and helped open up MVP Paintball park with an opening day paintball battle against local readio station WVAQ. VAQ managed to get the better of us that day, but none the less it was a lot of fun.


* May saw me have a job interview and have my first Primanti Brothers sandwich.

* I started working from home during May and bought a new computer. It meant I no longer had to drive 700 miles a week going back and forth to work.

* Moke and Ang had their prom and both graduated from High School and from MTECH as well as Amy and Mary.


* It was summer and softball season was in full force. This is my favorite time of the year.


* The 4th of July holiday weekend was my busiest of the year. Just a litle recap:

4 Pic Nics
3 Texas Hold Em Tournaments
Family Reunion
Wiffle Ball Game
105 Pictures Taken
A Large Water Battle
A chance to sit and talk with Trish and Jackie
A Day of swimming

* Pam and Kim broke a silence and started speaking. Kim was having some health equipment problems and Pam was the clutch hitter who delivered.

* We welcomed the birth of Joshua Robert Nicholson into the family.


* The students returned to Morgantown

8 Mark Snider (Rich's son) officially started Alliance Reality.


* The month started with me enjoying a nice five day weekend. My longest break in some time.

* I went to a MHS football game with a couple old friends and team mates when Me, Smitty and Popeye took a trip to East Fairmont.

* We had a goodbye picnic for Moke as he was getting ready to leave for Basic Training. He has since completed it and is currently in his AIT training, although he is currently home visiting everyone for the Christmas Holiday.


* October was my most active month as a BLOGGER since I started blogging. I made 37 posts in 31 days.

* Moved my website from its original host to a new host (probably why there are so many broken picture links).

* The Gospel Singing Koon Family celebrated their 40th year of singing together with a concert at Morgantown High School.

* Morgantown saw the opening of two new Super Wal-Marts and a Sams's club.


* I started a new website, called

* My Blog saw its 500th post since I had started blogging. It's an accomplishment I am proud of. t is something that takes time and commitment to accomplish.


* The softball team got together and we had a nice little Christmas party. It was nice to see the guys during the midway point of the off season.

* We celebrated Christmas at Nick and Terri's

This was my 2006 according to my Blog. It was a good year and my blog managed to end this this 258th post of the year.

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year and we will see you on the other side, that is the year 2007.

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