Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Holloween last night

Lat night it was cold and rainy, not your ideal conditions for kids running around trick or treating. The year before Jean had an estimated 400 trick or treaters visit her seeking the immeasurable childhood treasure of free candy.

Halloween is always an event in East Gate Manor, it is about four miles worth of houses in four loops with one common exit and entrance. Houses are spaced just trick or treater friendly so that a motivated child can obtain a very good CPM (Thats Candy Per Minute) rate.

There are basically four one mile interconnected blocks in East Gate Manor, being that we moved up there in 1982, the house sits in what could be the block that is most trick or treaty friendly as far as the topography of the land, but is also the block that contains the entrance and the most road traffic.

Overall and despite the rains, I would venture to say that jean had a comparable number of children visit that she had last season. She had a BIG mixing bowl full of candy bars that was emptied during the first hour of trick or treating. I was sitting there at 6:30 with three pieces of candy and about 30 kinds walking up the driveway. Thanks to some quick action by Jean and Sandy, the bowl magically refilled and the tricksters were satisfied and move to the next house. We did do a second refill at about 6:50 and that carried us till the end of trick or treating at 7:30.

Of course anyone who ever visits the Hall household will tell you about the excess of good food. Jean never seems to disappoint. She ordered a stack of Little Caesars Pizza's and made french fries, these little smiley faced french fries and onion rings. She made a large amount of Sloppy Joes to go with everything. Needless to say I think everyone even took a plate home with them and there is still a lot of food left over.

It was a great night and a memorable night for everyone.

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