Sunday, November 29, 2020

Sunday Morning Ramblings

Here I sit yet once again on a quiet Sunday morning, my co-author is nowhere to be found and I'm here trying to collect my thoughts for the day and write this blog all solo. I've got some movie playing in the background, don't ask me what as I'm not paying attention to it at all.

Yesterday was kind of a blah day all the way around, the biggest highlight of my day was a nice nap yesterday with the electric blanket that just took me away into a deep sleep to enjoy. I haphazardly watched some college football, but to be honest I wasn't involved with any of the games and had no concern as to their outcomes. 

Today is probably going to be much of the same as there are really no NFL games that excite my interest. I know the Steelers are scheduled to play Tuesday, but now Baltimore has 18 players testing positive with COVID-19, and even the Denver Bronco's as so affected by this that all three of their Quarterbacks are out. 

In High School, there will be no Super Six this year where State Championships are won, all the semi-final games pretty much ended with no games because the team's home counties were in the red because of COVID. St. Marys, Fairmont Senior, South Charleston have all been awarded their divisions State Championships respectively because their county was still able to play. Strange year to say the least. 

Typical Dau for us, shopping, chores, and taking it easy. Michelle wants stuffed pork chops for dinner, so that is what we are doing for today. 

Have yourselves a great day, relax and enjoy the day. 

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