Saturday, October 10, 2020


Here I sit once again in a truly quiet household, Michelle is off on her Girl's trip and I have no idea where my co-author has been hiding this morning. I'm out here watching the end of Bull Durham and catching my thoughts for the day. I did find this cute little riddle, can you solve it? 

Well the Mountaineers are off today, so it's hard to say what game I will actually watch today if any. This should be the last Bye week for the Mountaineers and the Steelers had their lone bye week last week due to the Titans getting infected with COVID. Any open weeks for either the Mountaineers or Steelers after today will be due to the COVID Virus and not because it was pre-determined in the schedule. 

I did get a package from RTI yesterday, I have to do one more listing and it could be a day trip or an overnighter, depending on how things go. It's in the western part of the middle of the state so to speak, so it all depends on how the day goes as to whether I stay or return that evening. This is the last segment that we will need to list as it is the last one for our area that has been released to list. They were going to assign it to someone closer a few weeks ago, but I guess that never came to fruition. 

Kiwi enjoyed himself an outside kind of day yesterday, the weather was warmer and he said, hey Dad, I want to go outside so I kindly obliged and took him out. He enjoys his outside friends just as much as his looping electronic indoor ones

Have yourselves a great day today, if you haven't figured out the riddle yet just leave a comment and I'll help. 


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