Sunday, November 13, 2011

Final Day

Well my three day weekend comes to a close after today, this will be the final day off that I will have for my Veterans Day extended Holiday weekend.

Anyone catch the WVU-Cincinnati game yesterday? Those officials are some of the worst that I have ever seen cover a game. Seriously after 2nd and 16 you make you spot the ball in the wrong spot and give them a first down to then have to challenge the spot that was about 4 yards off from where it should have been. You don't have forward progress coming back to the ball, that's going in the opposite direction. However they get that sorted out and you don't go from 2nd and 16 to 2nd and 1 after a 15 yard pass play. Dana had to make them go to the replay booth to see that it was third down. Really? We won the game, but that has to be one of the worst officiating crews that I have ever seen for a college football game and that's saying something. Oh, and the Mountaineers went on the road and beat the #23 team at their house 24-21, when you have the winning team complaining about the officials you really need to take notice.

Well it's on to cheering for the NFL today as the Pittsburgh Steelers will play the Cincinnati Bengals today at 1:00 in the same stadium the Mountaineers played in yesterday, Paul Brown Stadium. I guess I better soak it in, because next week BOTH the Mountaineers AND the Pittsburgh Steelers will have Bye weeks and won't be playing. No Football next weekend? Lot's of sadness.

Have a great day.

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