Friday, September 30, 2011

Big Ole Hairy Buckwheat Festival Friday

Yes it is once again that time of the week that we all look foreword to, when we can take time to cease the labors for the week and take a little bit of needed time out to enjoy the fruits of those labors. It is once again the dawn of another weekend and a Big Ole Hairy Friday!!!!

If you have never heard of a buckwheat cake, take a look at my picture and that is going to be my dinner for this evening. I'm still negotiating on how many plates I am going to be allowed to eat, Michelle is still holding steady at one is all I am allowed to eat, I'm still bargaining for three. Something tells me she is going to win however. Damn diabetes.

Looking for a little bit of football this weekend? The Morgantown High Mohigans are hosting the Preston Knights. This game is usually at the Buckwheat festival, but my indications are that it is at Morgantown. University travels to Fairmont to play Fairmont Sr High School. The Fighting CB's are hosting Valley Whetzel in Blacksville.

Looking for College Football? The Mountaineers are at home this weekend and will be hosting Bowling Green at 3:30 on Saturday afternoon. The game will be broadcast on ESPN 3.

Hi ho hi ho

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