Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hump Day

Monday, Check. Tuesday, Check. It's HUMP DAY!!!!! If you look on the other side of this hump and just past Thursday there is another weekend over the horizon.

I think we are going to start getting real busy at work, headquarters posted a release about the Atlas and linked to the website for sequestration. They even posted the announcement on Facebook, I'm sure we'll start getting a few prank map requests before the month is over with. I welcome the chance to be busy, it's been a little slow this month when it comes to requests.

The good news is, Michelle is now 100% over her migraine that has lasted since last Friday. It had her down all weekened, was still in pain Monday and yesterday morning before it all finally subsiding and getting full relief. I hate seeing her in that much pain, she's one who can take pain and this was just kicking her butt.

Hi ho hi ho

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