Sunday, November 21, 2010

Josh Judy Update

I have written a number of BLOGS on a young kid who used to play softball with us starting with the old Recourse Softball Teams that we used to have a few years back.

From my first post about him on this BLOG six and a half years ago to when the draft occurred when he told me prior to the draft that it was his dream to be selected by the Cleveland Indians to today's announcement.

Josh Judy is Officially not only a member of the Cleveland Indians organization, he is now officially a Major League Pitcher with the Cleveland Indians. He signed his Major league Contract a week ago, a couple days after I had spoke with him and it became official on Friday evening. I found out about it last night.

He spent last spring with the Major League team, but did not break spring training with the team. To be a part of the 40 man roster, you have to have broke spring training with the Major League team. This year, Josh reports Feb 13th and will break spring training with the Major League team.

It has been an honor and a pleasure to watch Josh develop.

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