Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Good Luck Josh

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have been known to play a game or two of softball in my life. It's the one thing that I truely look foreward to every summer.

A few years ago we picked up this 14 year old kid to play softball for us. Tall lanky shit who had a pretty decent arm and was the son of our third baseman. His name was Josh Judy.

Josh was a kid who I watched grow from a wetback men's sotball player to someone you dared people to run on. In a few short years this "Kid" as I previously called him grew into a man with a 90 + MPH fastball at age 18. He had a couple worthwhile events over the summer, for one he eliminated the Jefferson Jinx for University High school. A great tribute for a kid who less than a year earlier saw his HS football career ended with a torn ACL. He did manage to top that game though by pitching Morgantown's Post 2 to a State Championship. Not to bad for a 14 year old son of a third baseman that we picked up.

Well, Josh has moved on, he's now playing baseball at Indiana Tech. I've posted the link in the title so it will be a little easier to follow his progress. It's been a real pleassure watching him develop as a player ofver the past few years. I'm wishing him the best of luck and success in his career.

Go Kick ass Josh.

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