Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A Strange Chance Meeting

Last night after work, Michelle and I decided to take a little walk down on the rails to trails. Now you want to talk about being knocked off your feet, well listen to this.

I'm walking by the old glass factory and see a gentleman taking pictures of the old glass factory. A couple of years ago I corresponded with a gentleman in Florida whose father once worked at the factory and he asked me "is your name George?" Well, what I thought it was, was not but it completely shocked me.

The man's name was Mark Crabtree and he was a fiddle player. He had done a great deal of research on my grandfather and actually has most of his recordings in digital format. He knew a lot about Grandpa Hall and had actually tried playing Foggy Valley (we were standing basically where it was written) and he told me he had a Youtube video of him performing the song.

I will be in touch with him in the near future to exchange as much information as possible.

Enjoy Foggy Valley (see

**** update*****

Article on my Grandfather


Foggy Valley

Stoney Fork

My Little Home in West Virginia

Mark Crabtree's performance. A Big Thank you to Mark for providing me this information and bringing some lost music back into the family.

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