Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Nice Relaxing Evening

After a very long and stressful week at work, I welcomed the warm spring weather on a Friday afternoon and felt it was my responsibility to myself to get out and enjoy this wonderful weather.

I picked Michelle up after work and we went and shared one of our favorite pizza's, voted the best in Morgantown, Milano's Pizza.

After coming home and allowing Michelle to change into shorts and sandals, we took a little trip downtown to the DQ and had a teeny bot of ice cream. We sat down at the rails to trails and sat and enjoyed the serene setting and spent a little quality time together.

Of course as we were leaving I pulled out the iPhone and checked to see if there were any close geocaches in the area. We decided to try to get the Do 2 cache without my GPS, my compass and just using my iPhone. Ironically the cache was hidden by an older couple who I took my diabetes education class with a couple years ago, I come to find out they are big time into it now.

I love these kind of Friday evenings.

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