Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Best recruiting class I think I have ever seen.

Wow has coach Stewart and company nailed down a heck of a recruiting class. Tavon Austin the 5 Star RB out of Baltimore said he will be a Mountaineer next season.

That's three (actually four but one changed his mind) 5 Star recruits Coach Stewart has landed in a little over a year being our coach. In the previous coaches tenure here, he landed two 5 star recruits. One never made it to Morgantown and one played a couple games and left the team his Freshman year making way for Steve Slaton.

This years class includes the nations #1 and #12 WR. The nations #7 tailback, the Nations #2 Fullback and the nations #9 QB The #4 was committed here but has committed to a couple other schools since then). Not to mention we signed a future NFL shutdown cornerback the day before.

Congrats coach Stew and staff, one heck of a job.

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