Sunday, September 24, 2006

Shuffle up and Deal

The first round of our Texas Hold Em tournament started last night. This was the first of what will be ten games to accumulate a point total before the Championship Round that will be the 11th game.

This tournament should run into next summer before the championship pot is divided in the final round. There is a point system that Robert and Kim has devised and we are going to adhere to. You get one point for everyone you knock out, place placement points for how finish in each tournament. First place gets 11 points, 2nd place gets 10 points 3rd place gets 9 points and so on down the line until the first person to go out is awarded a single point.

The total of these points will be how many chips you start the championship round with to play for the big pot. We do have a game buy in also that awards the nights winner a pretty decent payout for the night.

On the first round of the tournament, Robert played a great game and managed to pull out the first round victory and and knocked out three other player along the line to managed grab an early point lead with 14 points. He and Jeremy Murray went to heads up (final two players) for the final showdown.

Me, I wasn't getting cards all night long and tried to pull a bluff with an all in to steal a pot, however Ron didn't fall for my bluff and took me out midway through the game.

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