Saturday, September 02, 2006

Friday Night

Last night I managed to make it to the Morgantown High v Brooke Game. Morgantown bounced back from last week's loss to handedly beat Brooke by a 42-14 score.

The night was cold and rainy, but I couldn't stay away and just had to go. Last and this week I saw Smitty at the game, only this week I managed to get a picture of him. We played together and have attended many games together through the years, and last night was no exception.

In two weeks we are going to meet up with another friend, Rich "Popeye" Johnson, and we are planning on traveling to Fairmont to watch Morgantown take on the East Fairmont Bees. The three of us played together and have attended many games together, but since Rich lives near DC now, it has been a while since we have went together.

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