Monday, August 14, 2006

Let it begin

This is the week that Morgantown's population starts to grow and traffic starts to become a real headache. Classes will be starting next Monday at WVU, so the final rounds of orientation and people actually starting to move into the dorms this week will increase our population. Students will be returning this week and I'm sure it will be in full force by this weekend.

I'm sure merchants around town love this time of the year, population increases and kids are just about to receive their student loan allotments. In other words, they have cash in their pockets. Some will be smart and budget their money wisely, others will have it gone by the end of the month if it takes that long.

So it is that time of the year when the students return, the rowdiness will initially be here until after the first week and exams, papers, projects and quizzes start to take priority of the majority of their lives.

Let's Go Mountaineers--The people of West Virginia

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