Sunday, August 13, 2006

A cute little toy

I found this website a little while ago called Goggles that puts you in a flight simulator and lets you fly around in different cites and locations according to the start up menu on the page.

Being a Geographer I just had to take it a step further and set it up for Morgantown. Just click on start rather than naming a starting location and those of you in Morgantown will have a chance to intergrate Goggles and Google Maps and do a fly around in Morgantown. Unfortunately Morgantown while being in the forfront of the GIS world, don't really have the DOQQ's published much beyond the extent of the city (Techinical Jargon basically only GIS nuts will understand so don't worry).

I thought it was a nice little toy and I customized it to Morgantown. You control the plabe with the arrow keys on your keyboard. The Up Button moves the plane up in elevation, and the down key moves it down in elevation, but be carefull gettting too low. LOL The Left and Right keys steer it left and right obviously.


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