Thursday, June 23, 2005

Thursdays Tidbits

* Haven't posted much this week, so I guess I'm going to do a tidbits.

* Mom, is in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on vacation with her friends Shirley. She should be coming back this weekend, I guess she has a one week time share down there.

* Kim and Robert are currently in Baton Rouge, Louisiana this week. Robert is down there bowling in the nationals with his dad.

* George bought a new 4-Wheeler this past weekend. I went up to his place for some of his world famous rib BBQ's and saw it. I have a couple pictures of it, but I haven't uploaded them yet.

* Rich just ended a weeks vacation on Monday, he works a lot of hours and was probably long overdue on having a vacation.

* Terri and the Country Inn will be the last stop at a Poker Run this Saturday. I'm, going to go down and give them a hand because you know they are going to be busy.

* I'm going to be the designated driver for Mark and a few other people for the Jimmy Buffet concert this Sunday.

* I'm taking this Monday as a vacation day to recover from a very busy weekend.

* Yesterday was a nice day at work, I helped make VARGIS $320,000 in about 15 minutes. I would like to have that chink of change. Actually it was just repairing something we did a few weeks ago that allowed us to bill for the services.

* The weather in Frostburg has been great this week.

* I talked with Kim briefly yesterday, she said Baton Rouge was awesome, but it was also very hot down there.

* I did stop in and pay her a visit Sunday evening after I left Pam and George's place. I met Roki the new puppy.

* When does Survivor start again? I think I'm suffering from Survival Withdrawal Syndrome.

* Have a nice week.

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