Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Fathers Day

It's been nearly six years now since me and my family have lost my dad. To me he was someone I had always looked up to and someone who was always there for me. He left this world a few years ago and left one heck of a legacy. I'm fortunate because of him to have four of the best siblings that anyone could ever hope for.

He's left a legacy of stale old jokes of cutting his finger three times when he was making his world famous potato salad. Of course he always waited until you were eating and would always lead in with how do you like the potato salad before he would drop his infamous one liner.

When I look at my Nephews and nieces I can see my Dad through his eyes, they were all his grandchildren and each and every one of them carries a unique piece of him with them. I look at his great-grand daughter and I see his eyes in her.

He left a very positive influence on each and every one of us. I guess the true measure of a man is the legacy that he leaves behind. What happened to the seed that he sewed when he spent his brief time with us. Did it take root and prosper or did it whither and die. Was he going to be remembered or forgotten.

George Edward Hall Sr influenced and inspired many of us. I consider myself a very lucky man to have had the honor of calling this man Dad. He left a legacy that definitely took root and grew in fertile soil. Five loving Children, seven loving Grand-Children and so far one great-grandchild. I think he would have been very proud in each and every one of them.

We Love and Miss you Dad. Thank You and Happy Father's Day.

"Somebody will Pay, Somebody will pay..."

George Hall

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Unknown said...

So very well written. Your best writings come when he speak of him.

Love ya