Monday, March 28, 2005

Welcome Home Part III

Last night, for the third Sunday in a row I went to the coliseum and welcomed our team home again. I didn't want this team to come home and no one be there for them. The past two weeks was in support, the season is over now and the fair weather fans may have dropped off and a smaller crowd than the 1,000 that were there last week would have showed up. WOW was I surprised when I found out it was 5,000 of us there to welcome them home.

A video of the teams entrance that I found on the net.

Chris aka Hector from the WVAQ morning show.

The crowd about an hour BEFORE the team arived.






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Holly said...

Man George, what a season - I just started my first blog and came across yours in the process - great pics....and only 6 months till kickoff :-)