Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Survivor Night

It's Wednesday Night and a special night for Survivor. Coming into tonight, I took a look at the CBS popularity poll, and with little to no surprise Tom Westman has been voted as the most popular survivor with Ian Rosenberger starting to close the gap.

The one's who appear to be the top two from each tribe to be voted off next are Caryn Groedel from the still yet to lose a tribal council Koror tribe and James Miller from Ulong. Personally I think it's Ibrehem Rahman that is the next one to go, but that's my personal opinion. I have noticed that Stephenie LaGrossa has voted every week so far for the person going home.

The show starts off with the Ulong tribe having some internal troubles, knowing that they have yet to win an immunity challenge and are in danger of becoming extinct.

At the reward challenge was a sharp shooting challenge with an airgun where they had to break plates. Stephenie was an absolute sharpshooter and won the reward. The reward was Pringles, Mai Tai's and a boat trip to Jellyfish Lake and the change to scuba dive with literally millions of Jellyfish. A much needed chance to relax for the Ulong tribe, which finally won something.

The scuba diving was perfectly safe, because these jellyfish were in fresh water and had lost their sting. They were able to swim amongst millions of beautiful jellyfish for what has to be a once in a lifetime opportunity. I was actually a little jealous and would loved to have been there with them.

The immunity challenge started out with some tree-mail with a footlocker, a flag and a rope. They had to tie their rope into a knot and secure the flag in their footlocker and then had to bring the footlocker. The survivors had to swim out and retrieve loads of wood. They then had twenty minutes to build a fortress around their footlocker and protect it from the other tribe who at the end of the twenty minutes changed sides and had to break the other teams fortress and retrieve their flag from the footlocker and run it up the flag pole. Koror won their fifth straight immunity challenge against no losses and sent Ulong back to tribal council once again to vote their dwindling tribe down from four members to three members to Koror's eight members.

Before tribal council, Steph admitted to the camera that she voted for Bobby Jon Drinkard, even though the survivor site said she voted for Angie last week.

At Tribal council James Miller and Ibrehem Rahman each received two votes each. On the second vote for the tie breaker, Stephanie changed her vote and chose to vote out James.

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