Friday, March 11, 2005

Nice long nap

Yesterday after I got home from my interview with VARGIS I ate a quick dinner and laid down on the couch to relax. I was half way tempted to go to take a walk on rails to trails, it was a semi-nice say and I was full of energy. So I thought.

next thing I know it's like 2:00 AM and I had missed survivor. I can't believe it, I missed my favorite television show.

My day started off pretty nice, Jean and I went to Frostburg a little early to drive around and get a look at the city. It's a small town of about 8,000 people. We drove around the Frostburg State campus. It was a beautiful campus and very nicely laid out.

The city is very small, but I think he word that first comes to mind in serene. It was a beautiful place and I felt very relaxing. I'll keep everyone updated.

I can't believe I missed Survivor though. For anyone wanting an update as to what happened on the show Look Here to get a recap.

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