Thursday, March 03, 2005

Survivor Night

Once again, it is Thursday night and time for Survivor again. This is the third week of the show for this series. It's time again for the Ulong Tribe and the Koror Tribe do once again do battle and try to send the other tribe to tribal council while maintaining all the members of your tribe.

I checked the early poll results before the show and people are saying that Tom Westman is the early voters favorite to be the sole survivor.

The reward challenge was a swimming battle obstacle course free for all where teams were trying to swim out, retrieve a lifesaver and try to put the lifesaver onto a floating pole, while preventing the other team from putting their lifesaver up on their pole. Ulong dominated the challenge and won all three rounds of the free for all. For the second week in a row, Angie Jakusz, who was the final player chosen in week one when teams were decided, dominated the event and put on a dunking exhibition of the opposing players in the water during the challenge. Reward was some extra clothes and some sewing materials.

After the reward challenge, the camera went back to the Ulong tribe, and did a little piece on Bobby Jon Drinkard, who seemed to be doing all the day to day work at the camp that it needs to make it habitable.

Koror got a little bit of love from the cameras when they showed a little piece of when they killed a snake and hung it over a tree dangling over the water. Next thing you know there are a few sharks circling the dead carcass. They never did manage to get a shark, but the thought of a nice shark steak was on their minds.

For the immunity challenge, each tribe was clipped together, each tribe member had to carry an extra twenty pound back with them. If a tribe member can't go on, they must unclip, but their additional weight had to be carried by another tribe member. The two tribes ran around in a circle in the water until one tribe could manage to catch the other tribe. Led by a strong showing from fan favorite Tom Westman Koror won their third straight (out of three) immunity Challenge sending Ulong back to Tribal Council for the third consecutive week. This win give Koror a 9-6 advantage in tribe members over Ulong, Koror members still have not had to light their torches yet.

When Ulong got back to the beach, Jeff Wilson volunteered to be the one sent home. He had sprained his ankle the night before and still couldn't put any weight on it. Other members didn't want to vote for Jeff and made Kimberly Mullen a potential tribe mate to be voted out.

At tribal council and after the voting, Jeff was given his wish and was the third person from Ulong and the fifth overall member voted out of the game.

Tom Westman

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