Thursday, November 04, 2004

Survivor Night

Woo Hoo, my one weekly show that I actually look foreward to is on tonight. I've missed two of the past three weeks, but I'm up for watchig my second week in a row and hopefully start getting back into the full swing of Survivor 9.

Lopevi won the reward challenge of the chocolate cake, cookies and ice cold milk. Talk about something that would be real reward after being out there a few weeks.

The Big surprise of the night came when Jeff told them to drop thier Buffs and that we are now at the merge. It's no longer tribal immunity, but it is now individual immunity.

Individual immunity challenge was broken down into first two heats of five survivors with Sarge and Eliza winning the first heat. In the second heat Ami and Rory advanced to the finals. Sarge was the first survivor to manage to win individual immunity.

Of course, now that we are at the merge, my personal favorite is STILL Chad. He has managed to make it to the merge. The new merged tribe name is Alinta, which was a local word for fire maker.

The first Tribal council after the immunity means appears to be a power struggle between the men and the women, the women had the numbers 6 to 4 going into tonights tribal council.

The survivor voted off was Rory Freeman and it appears that the women have a very strong alliance, Ami gathered the first four votes and appeared to be gone until the next six ballots said Rory.

Game On.

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