Thursday, November 18, 2004

Survivor Night again

Once again it is my favorite night of the television week.

It's the week following Sarge getting voted out, and it seems like Chad and Chris both committed what I would call survivor suicide last week in their voting by turning against the men that they are and voted Sarge out last week. Even though the women already had the numbers, this could very well have been a fatal mistake.

The Rewards challenge had the remaining 8 survivors split up into two tribes of four to compete in the obstacle course. Eliza, Chad, Chris and Ami won the very unique obstacle course to win the reward challenge and a chance to get away from camp for a while.

For the immunity challenge, it was a battle of strength and balance in who could climb a pole and grip on for dear life the longest. It came down to Chad and Twila as the last two holding onto that pole. In the end Twila managed to win the battle of wills to win the oh so coveted necklace of immunity.

This brings yet once again the question of will the women continue to stick together and continue to pick the men off one by one, or will some of the women not targeted for the womens final four break ranks and side up with the men and vote one of the leaders of the womens tribe out. When it all came down to voting, my personal favorite Chad Crittenden became the second member of the jury when the women continued to hold on to their strong alliance.

The final male Chris Daugherty will most likely be voted out next week leading to an all woman final six.

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