Saturday, November 06, 2004

I'll Be Home For Christmas

This is my next attempt at a movies file, my first one that I did was Wonderful World and I think I like how it turned out. I hope everyone liked it because it was fun to do.

This weekend thanks to my neice Valerie I managed to get a hold of some pictures from the Hall Family Christmas in 1998. Our traditional family Christmas's had changed over the years and we all wanted to have another one like we all remembered. Dad really wasn't up for it at first, because he had his almost traditional "I Have to Work" line ready to go. Seems like every major holiday he used this line and really didn't want to take part of it.

That year was Magic, because none of us listened to him that year and decided to have one of our long lost Christmas's at his house anyways. He wasn't initailly responsive to the idea and it had me worried, but in the last day leading up to our Christmas Eve he managed to get involved and took the night of Christmas Eve off. That morning I knew it would be a magical day.

In our family, Christmas Day is usually a day spent with the individual family unit, but Christmas Eve was when everyone gathered together and is the time that everyone seems to remember the best.

1998 was a magical Christmas eve for many of us in many ways. We did not know it then, but this one Christmas Eve that we basically tricked him into having, was his last. He passed away some seven months later but had did not start having health problems until a couple months after that night.

So, in its world internet debut after Mom gave me the idea to do it, here is I'll Be Home for Christmas.


Amy said...

Good Slideshow Uncle Ed... R.I.P. Pap

Sandi B said...

Ed you did a terrific job. I got a little teary eyed. Mom