Sunday, October 31, 2004

Weekend tidbits.

Yet another weekend has came and gone. Seems like they are getting shorter and shorter, but they are getting interesting to say the least.

Saturday was the WVU vs Rutgers game, WVU won, but there seems to be a little discipline problem with out game breaking wide receiver. I think coach Rich Rodriguez needs to address it, it has already gotten out of hand. Anyways Mountaineers win making my teams 2-0 on the weekend.

Saturday was Trick or Treat with a lot of funky looking people being let out. If you see either one of these two run and hide.

I did actually get a chance to see and talk to Jane over the weekend. I always enjoy talking to her and catching up on old times. I did manage to get a picture of Her, Chris, Sydney, Lucas and Ian in exchange for a few Reeses Cups. I think I got the better end of the deal.

We sat up and talked talked for a few hours about old friends, politics, Family, what its like to raise triplets and about any other thing that we could think of.

Sunday comes along, and I would have to say it's been pretty eventful. A family feud seems to be fueling up over some old and worn out issues. I'll just offer a simple bit of advice to all, anytime you post something over the internet, remember that it can be read by nearly anyone online and innocent people can get hurt. I have my own opinion over the entire feud, but choose not to specifically address it electronically. It's honestly not that high on my life's list of priorities.

Sunday does have a few happy stories, two of my nieces have decided to become Bloggers and I think Terri would like to get into it. If she does do one I'll link it for all of us to share. She is a very beautiful, articulate and intelligent person, I look foreword to reading her thoughts.

Weekend closes out with the Pittsburgh Steelers beating the New England Patriots ending their NFL record 21 game winning streak. Morgantown Wins, WVU Wins and the Steelers win. Another 3-0 weekend for me. This is a good year for me in football.

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