Thursday, October 07, 2004

It's Survivor Night!!!!!

Woo Hoo, the on show that I actually look foreward to watching. I really didn't get much of a chance to post because of the Presidential debate last week. Last week was a unique one, for the first time in Survivor History, two castaways were eliminated instead of just one.

John Palyok was eliminated by the men. Which is kind of ironic because the men basically won the immunity challege as a team, but then followed up with an individual immunity challenge.

On the women's side, they also had to take a trip to tribal council. I think the women are in a lot of disarray right now. Mia Galeotalanza was voted out. There is alliance trouble in the womens camp, so I think their unity is in serious trouble.

It's a little early to really garner an opinion about any of the survivor castaways yet. I still am cheering for Chad as my personal favorite in the early going, but the game is full of changes and surprises so that could possibly be subjected to change. Although historically when I pick an early favorite, they are usually around till near the end.

On to tonights show. So much for my preshow premise, Yasur, the women won the reward challenge and also won the immunity challenge. During the reward challenge the Yasur was the first to match up five like symbols in the memory game. Their reward for the day was a 24 hour time period with one of the islands natives. He managed to show them that food was all around them, they had just not recognized it. He helped them gain a few of the luxuries from home that they had been missing. It's amazing what you can do with Bamboo.

On to the Immunity challenge and the puzzle game. The women were very organized and beat the men quite handidly. Rory Freeman sat at the head of the board and was the eyes for everyone for the men. He was extremely disorganized and possibly cost the men a victory. When it came to tribal council though, Rory's five man alliance stayed strong as the men solidly voted out Brady Finta .

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