Thursday, October 28, 2004

Survivor Night

Do you believe it, my favorite show on television and I have missed the last not one, but two shows. Oh the Humanity, I haven't missed that many shows of survivor since I started watching it.

Two weeks ago we had a Presidential Debate and I didn't watch. I felt it was my duty as a Moderate to watch the debates and see who I liked. Travis Sampson was voted off. He gave me the impression of someone who was no threat to win the game, but those are the kind of players who sneak into the money like Clay Jordan managed to do in Survivor Thailand.

Last week WVU played Syracuse at home and I'm not missing the Mountaineers on television. Lisa Keiffer managed to be the next one voted off. Can't say much about it because I missed not one, but two weeks in a row.

I will be watching it tonight and trying to catch up on what I had missed over the past two weeks. My first week favorite Chad Crittenden is actually #1 in this weeks viewer popularity poll. I'm looking foreward to getting back into watching Survivor.

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