Sunday, October 03, 2004

My High School Alma Mater

I went out tonight and watched my Morgantown Mohigans crush Preston High School 70-6. Moragntown is very deep and talented this year, they look like they could quite easily run the slate and win the State Chmapionship again. Since 1997 they have complied a 89-9 record, which is really quite impressive.

I will have to thank Hector from The Eric McGuire radio Network for inviting me for a second week in a row to get a birds eyes view with the Voice of the Mohigans. Even though last week he called me the worst color commentator in the history of broadcasting. I get called that from a guy in a Pink Batman cape. Thanks once again to Hector allowing me to take some great pics from a unique view.

On a less happy side, my Mountaineers dropped a game rival Virginia Tech. This means we lose the Black Diamond trophy, but I think we'll get it back next year.

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