Saturday, October 23, 2004

OK, I'm a Yeti Geek

I know you have all seen them or played them once or twice, Yeti games are somewhat addictive. I actually have them all downloaded on my jump drive so I can play them if their site ever goes down. So far there are 8 Yeti games that are already officially out and I have seen numerous versions of the games altered in one way or another.

There are even some Yeti games that appear to be Yeti games, but are not part of the official site. Games like Stagedive appear to be yeti games, but obviously they're not. I do have to hand it to them though, when I fisrt saw it I thought it was one of their games.

Not much else to say today, it's kind of a blah weekend so far. WVU has already played and won Thursday Night, MHS won last night and the Pittsburgh Steelers have a bye week this week, so not much going on in the way of football.

Baseball starts its World Series tonight, the Boston Red Sox coming off what could arguably be the greatest comback in the history of sport in the ALCS will be taking on the St. Louis Cardinals. Should be a good series, but I think I'm pulling for the Red Sox to win this game, just so we can stop hearing about Babe Ruth's Curse.

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Gone Now said...

yeah, you've just gotta love the yeti games, they're well funny! cleverly coded as well: they even run on school's 120mhz cpus :-)
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