Monday, September 06, 2021

Labor Day

Woo Hoo it's Labor Day. I am extending my weekend as well and not working today either. Michelle and I scrapped the smoking idea yesterday due to the rain and are going to tackle it again today. 

I am traveling for work this week, I just won't be leaving until tomorrow morning and will be returning home Friday Morning this week. Traveling to Wheeling once again and ironically I will not be going to my brothers place, but I'll be in his neighborhood...literally. But that starts tomorrow. 

Had a nice relaxing day yesterday considering all the rain that we got. There was a nice nap involved and I will be up early firing the smoker up for dinner today. We've got a pork butt that we are smoking as well as our roasting ears. 

Michelle learned yesterday that her long-time hairdresser has passed away. Someone who has had some health problems that escalated and lead down that final path. She had been doing both Michelle's and her sister Chris's hair since they moved to Morgantown 30+ years ago. 

Have yourselves a great day today, enjoy your day off. 

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