Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Morning Ramblings

Once again I'm up early, didn't awake before the roosters today, but still up pretty early. Michelle's Bridal shower went pretty well yesterday, I've put the pictures from yesterday up on MY SITE that Michelle has taken.

I think Michelle had a blast, even after the shower she and a close friend who she hadn't seen since High School came back to the house to catch up on things. Holley ended up taking me and Michelle out to dinner later on before she started to head back north. It was a pleasure to meet another parrothead.

Once again another heart felt thank you to Chris and Jes especially, but also to all who attended and helped Michelle with this special day. I could just tell by the look on her face, that was a very special day for her.

Back to normal, grocery shopping we must do.

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