Saturday, May 14, 2011

Early Saturday Morning Ramblings

Once again I sit in a quiet household collecting my thoughts on an early Saturday Morning. Blogger has been acting crazy over the past 48 hours to a point where it was actually down for a 48 hour stretch. Anything that was posted on Thursday was deleted and then re-added yesterday.

Our agenda for today is pretty open, I am planning on going and getting the car inspected this morning, I stopped yesterday afternoon and tried but he had done 17 inspections that day and asked me to come back today. Not a problem, I did get everything else taken care of yesterday. Paid the insurance, Taxes and License renewal.

The rain yesterday was kind of crazy. Michelle and I were leaving Wal-Mart and it looked like rain. She didn't think we would make it to the bottom of the hill and I thought we would make it home before we saw any precipitation. Me being a professional geographer, should have been right. Ran into a torrential downpour before we made it to the bottom of the hill. Get through downtown and same thing. Go by WVU Coliseum and the Creative Arts Center where they were having some Commencements yesterday, nothing, almost bone dry. I joked that we would make it home before it rained again, pretending to not be wrong and we made the turn and wouldn't you know it, halfway down Patterson Drive was ANOTHER downpour. Unreal, but we top the hill at Van Voorhis and guess what, there were dry spots on the ground and it was just a light sprinkle. What I should have initially said was it was holding off AT home and not until we get there.

On to today, what adventures lay ahead of us?

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