Saturday, December 04, 2010

Maybe a Special Day

This could be a special day with all that may potentially happen. I say potentially because Michelle has been under the weather and actually came home from work early yesterday feeling sick, so this mornings plans may depend upon her health.

Potentially on the agenda this morning. CHRISTMAS TREE!!!! This is the day we have set aside to go and get our tree tree this year. Last year we went to Southern States and I'm pretty sure that is where we are going to be going once again this season health permitting.

Today is Senior Send Off day for the Seniors on the Mountaineer Football team. I think back to my first BLOG ever about Noel Devine and am Happy and sad. Sad that this is the last time he will ever play in Mountianeer Field and Happy that he chose and stayed at West Virginia. If the Mountaineers win today, they win at least a share of the Big East Championship.

If this happens tune into ESPN2 tonight at 8:00 as I am sure every Mountaineer fan will be doing. I'll make it simple, if South Florida beats UCONN, we play as the Big East Representative in the BCS Bowl. If UCONN wins, they are the Big East Representative.

Let's Go Mountaineers.

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